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A Refreshed Basement for a New Generation: The Sangster Project

Two chairs on a wood floor

After landing the perfect home for their growing family, William and Dorsina Sangster found themselves looking to refurbish the only underutilized space in their home—the unfinished basement with concrete walls and vast untapped potential. Before long, they turned to Lehigh Valley Renovations for assistance. Seeking to maximize the space’s functionality and create a warm atmosphere for both kids and adults, we took their vision and embarked on a transformative journey to breathe new life into the Sangsters’ basement area and craft a space where cherished memories could be made.

Starting with the main basement area, we created an open-concept space that would serve as a hub of entertainment for years to come. The once-empty space now boasts ample room for furniture and a dedicated recreation area. We added framing and drywall to the original concrete walls to give the basement a polished look, creating a clean canvas for additional design elements. Understanding the Sangsters’ need for easy maintenance while managing their busy family, we opted for luxurious vinyl flooring, ensuring durability without compromising style.

One of the standout features of the renovated basement is the kitchenette area. With stunning quartz countertops and sleek teal blue, soft-close drawers and cabinets for storage, this space exudes convenience and stylish elegance. The stainless-steel sink makes entertaining and clean-up a breeze, while the open-concept design is convenient and family-friendly. In a recessed area of the main space, we incorporated a white custom-built bench, serving the dual purpose of providing dedicated seating with plenty of storage beneath.

Recessed lighting throughout the basement brightens and lightens the space, while fun, modern lighting fixtures elevate the contemporary atmosphere. We created a striking feature wall where the Sangsters can proudly display their family photos. Highlighted under gallery lights, these cherished memories make the feature wall integral to the basement’s aesthetic.

The Sangsters also requested a dedicated play area close enough to the adults but separate from the entertaining space. We incorporated a wide opening off the kitchenette to ensure the children remained within view of adults and encouraged independent play. The play area features a charming chalkboard wall, perfect for unleashing creativity, and French doors to keep toys contained and separate from the main entertainment space.

Adjacent to the main basement area was a small, unfinished room that the Sangsters had been utilizing as a home gym. Following the same flooring and design as the rest of the basement, we transformed it into a fully finished area. Complete with custom built-in shelving to maximize functionality, the room provides the Sangsters with additional storage options. Now, the family has a separate and versatile space within the basement to serve as a small home office or a guest bedroom. The thoughtful renovation of the Sangster’s basement adds convenience and flexibility to their home and tremendous value for years to come.

What was once a cold, empty space with bare concrete walls and flooring is now a stunning haven for the entire family. Featuring an open-concept entertainment area, a stylish kitchenette, and captivating design elements, Lehigh Valley Renovations transformed the Sangster family’s basement space into one they can enjoy for generations to come.